Sunday, 19 June 2011

All packed and ready to head

Tomorrow marks a special day in my calendar....

I am going to brave it by letting Miss 16 take the driving wheel on the Newell Highway, hope that those trucks stay away from us.. I am hoping she is up to driving 100kms tomorrow.
Depending on the stress levels she might drive longer or later on.. some hills I think might be on the driving schedule...
Might even let her drive some of the Sturt  Highway too. Have yet let her drive in traffic, but that time is nearing I feel.

I am packing some stitching and seeing if I can do it while she is driving..mmmmm I won't hold my breath.
Looking forward to seeing some gorgeous faces Monday and then Tuesday.  Hope the joy is recipricated.

Best go and pack, will take some pictures along the way.


  1. Hi Simone, you visited the Club Quilt Narromine blog and asked about my quilt. It started out to be Sassy Sixteen Quilt.
    The fabric is Be Mine. Not sure you can get the fabric anymore.
    Hope this helps

  2. Hey hey! Here I am on the blog! Not sure if you are here or in swan hill. Had a big night at school getting ready for tomorrow.......

  3. Woo hoo, nat bust times ahead looking forward to visiting you soon.


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