Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Ling weekend

Happy Easter all my friends. It has been a glorious weekend. Temperature has been wonderful. My daughter was home from uni for the weekend so this mum is very happy.

I enjoy using instagram and came across a group, All People Quilt. Anyway they have a year long UFO challenge. You record 12 UFOs and number them 1-12. They draw a number and you can work on that project, you may or may not finish and that's okay. But.... so far for 2017 everything I have listed I have finished. This month is no exception.

Number 11 was for the month and I had my Trip Around the World assigned to it. Most of the fabrics were cut out. So I had to finish cross cutting the strips and start making units. I needed nine.
So I have spent some time working on this project. I even spent time reverse sewing after joining a section the wrong way.

Today I sewed my last unit together and finished the quilt top. I was unsure of how it would fit on my bed but it fits well. I think I am gong to add a dark purple border and bind with the dark purple. But it already hangs over the edge.

The quilt is square but being a shorty it is hard to photograph.

Now to pull out another UFO. My flannel quilt.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

I am still here - just

Been a manic time over the past three weeks. Traveling around western New South Wales. Only home long enough to pack a bag, attend meetings and professional learning.

Last week I was away for the whole week and nearly didn't get home as the road was closed due to the rain we have had over such a short time.

I have been trying so hard to change my way of life. Walking, eating and throwing in some exercise. I have a work colleague to walk with and an a email friend who inspires me regularly. Small changes are taking effect but certainly needs to be a long term projects.

My temperature quilt.

Cleaning up my garden. Cut back the geisha girl.

Friends for Xmas all done.

Water we drive through last week.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Stippling for the first time

Well last night at sewing I was challenged to stipple my quilt top. It was all ready for quilting so stipple away I did.

Need some practice but. It too bad for first go on a quilt top

Friday, 17 February 2017

Initial Heart Swap

This year I joined in to the fun swap hosted by Cheryll.
You had to make something that had a heart and an initial and send something nice.

Well I was blown away with my gifts from Anna.

This mini is just adorable.
Thanks Anna and. Cheryll.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Initial heart swap.

My parcel has been mailed off. Hope my partner likes my gifts. I have revived my parcel from Anna.
With the temperatures being ridiculous high 30 and 40 plus my chocolate was quite melted so I jus had to eat it. I will open my wrapped parcel on the 14th. Just because.

I have been walking regularly for the past week. I am getting 8000 steps at least four times a week. For me this is huge. I even headed out this morning when my walking buddy slept in.

Talia is packing up here room. Five more days and she will be gone. Off to Canberra to start her double degree. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of teaching. She is majoring in ancient History and minor if in Religious Education.
She is attending the uni where I went to.

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