Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day after the big event

The birthday is over again for another year. My goodness it goes so quick.  Only one daughter's birthday left for the year.  Miss 12 will become a teenager!

Was excited when I arrived at work, after much teasing, I was given an ipad.  I am loving it very much and so are my kids.

I have added some apps but am willing to add more, any ideas?

I have begun cutting up my 2 1/2inch strips in to squares for Miss 9s quilt.  I hope to sew it up over the next week when they are away for the week.  It is not a surprise but I want to really finish it off.

Got mail today, a quote for some work to be done at my house I rent out.  Oh well it has to be done I suppose.  Lucky it is nearly tax time.  Add this to the list of jobs to do.....

Love watching the kids as they play with my new toy. 

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