Saturday, 18 June 2011

Weather designed for sewing

Today's forcast is cloudy with a chance of rain! Love these day as I can snuggle under a quilt and sew another while attempting to keep warm.  This is my plan for this afternoon.

I have not completed much sewing as I have been quite exhausted, a few late nights were had one spending time at the hospital.  One of my disco divas got trodden on and now I am on the hunt for some crutches for her to use.

Miss 8, soon to be 9, is playing soccer locally today while Miss 16 is heading over to Parkes for her game and then on to Orange to visit her friends Nan.

Miss 8 is getting quite excited about her upcoming Rockstar Party. 


  1. It can't be nearly birthday time again!!! That goes way too quick.

    Hope you get lots of sewing done this weekend.

  2. Yes it is coming around again.
    Having a party next weekend at Rascals which is like Giggle and Bounce.

    Have yet to sit down and sew but it is my plan


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