Sunday, 31 July 2011

Measure twice... Cut once

Made a very important call today to Kylie. She talked me through the directions to complete my iPad cover, as well as a general chat as I had not chatted for a while and was in need of knowing I am loved.
Well I sat down to cut down my pieces after I used the quilt as you go method, my ruler was not placed correctly, or I didn't check, or my mind was elsewhere but I cut the cover half an inch too short.

Oh well can't dwell too long on things you can't control so I cut it all down to size and will complete it this coming weekend.

I have a few trips away over the next few weeks and I need to get it done, so my oPad is protected. When it is done I am going to having a slot for my diary and calendar o vey important tools I need for work.

Stay tuned.. Photos to come later on when I take them...

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  1. Bugger ! It seams that you fixed it up which is good. I hope there are some nice things to buy in Canberra when you go.


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