Saturday, 15 October 2011

Rainy Saturdays

Today I Plannedon venturing down to the showgrounds to see my sister from Canberra who is showing her two dogs. It is so wet I don't think I am going anywhere!

Yesterday I caught up with the principal of the schooling taught at for 19 years. She was attending a course near me. Was great to see here and she looked so hot in the outfit she had on!
I was excited to see her buy didn't get tO catch up for long. She generously gave me a birthday present. Now I have another crafty package to make, thanks so much I am extra happy. I will have to post some pictures later as I am not on my computer.


  1. At least you got to see Nat this week.
    Boo Hoo, no sewing this weekend.

  2. Home safe and sound! I am very sad too that won't be at sewing tomorrow. Uni was good! See you in a week and a bit!! I want to see pictures on this blog ASAP!!! xxxxx


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