Tuesday, 29 November 2011

parcel delivery

I was most excited to get a phone call from the transport company saying they had a parcel for me and would I be home.
Yes yes yes I said.  I then excitedly emailed by Scissor Swap partner and said I think your parcel is on the way...

The parcel arrived yesterday and it was a family calendar it was not my scissor swap which was hosted by Cookies and Cream Craft.  I was a little deflated but I am sure that my scissor keeper swap is on its way to me and will arrive soon. I will get the kids to keep an eye our for the postie...

I am off to Melbourne for the remainder of the week.  Only taking my iPad and I cannot post on it so I will just read up on what everyone else is doing.

Enjoy your week.

Happy Stitching..

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