Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Home but for how long???

I am now home after being on holidays since Dec 22.  I have travelled many kms. Canberra, Sydney, Balranald, Swan Hill to name a few towns.

While out and about on my travels recently I managed to catch up with some near and very dear friends.  I spent a few nights with Ange a fellow passionate quilter.  We went to Sunday sewing group which was amazing. I loved seeing everyone.  There was also a sale on so I managed to get some bargains.  Will take some pics and post them later on.

I returned back to the sale the next day much to the disgust of my daughter who couldn't believe I was buying more fabric... well I won't tell her I messaged the shop to hopefully buy some flannel to back my Everyday Angels quilt.. one I have not started but have sitting in the box waiting...

Anyone who is game enough to ask my 16 she may tell you I am not her most favourite person at the moment.
WE went to her orthodontist appointment and she was cheering when she heard the announcement of final appointments!  The dates we were given were ones she did not like.  She is getting her braces off the week after the deb ball!  Something I cannot control due to the commitments I have at work.  Hope she will get over it.

Candice drove near 3 hours on the way home today. We have only 40 hours to go.. we are still on track but need to pick up the pace.  I am going to book her in to a couple of lessons which will speed things up!  While she was driving I was able to work on another Truly Scrumptious block, I have completed two and started my third..  I was going to stitch some blocks for one of my ex-students who turns 21 at the end of March but I couldn't see the writing with the sun.  I am often told that her brother who is 19 still to this day puts on the tree the xmas ornament I made him one xmas.  I didn't have a class of children this year so I didn't make any presents.

Best go and unpack and tidy up a little..
Until next time.. happy stitching...

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