Thursday, 1 March 2012

OPAM and Summer where have you gone???

My first month complete as part of OPAM . I managed to get some things finished.

This month I am hoping to finsh my 'Tis the Season' quilt and sew the binding on my Gardener's Journal quilt (it has been sitting in the box waiting for me.. I think I have been called.)

If you didn't know when the seasons were one would assume summer has not arrived yet.  This was the first summer I didn't venture in to a pool.  Just wasn't hot enough!

Over the last few days we have had 15mm.  The rain has been incredible.

I have been attending a course these past two days with two more to go.  I am loving the resource that we have been working on, First Steps in Maths.  This will be great for teachers in the classroom.

No sewing tonight, have to get motivated again. The fete is approaching rapidly and I still have sewing to do...

Until next time.. happy stitching..

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