Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday night ... Forbes 2012 Floods

Wow... it has been a crazy couple of days as the town prepares for the Lachlan River to peak at 10.65m in the morning.  Water has already started to creep in to the town with all roads east and south closed.
Here is a picture of Farnell Street just past the round about near Woolworths.. incredible..

More photos will come later on..

Gardener's Journal - Annie Downs.
I can't remember when this pattern was released by Annie, but as soon as it was I was on the hunt for a BOM to make it.  I found one and finished the quilt I think in 2008 or 2009 I really can't remember!  I had it customed quilted by Geoff Coates. 

Last week I bought some fabric for the binding and tonight I finished sewing down the binding.  Yay I am so excited to have it finished.  I do love it and now I can have it on display.  This quilt is my first complete quilt for the year.

I was keen to work on some of my Rose Star and thought that working on some of the background blocks might be what I needed to do tonight.

Michelle had worked on her background and told me with wise words that the background is quick and the stars come together quite rapidly.  Yes I would have to agree with her on this one.

Now I have begun the background I am thinking I might sew the 4 stars I have made together to start a row of stars.  I am unsure how big I will make the quilt but I have enough fabric to make more stars yet.  Looking at this star I am a little saddened to see the black stripe, I should have thought more about cutting this fabric out...

Lesson learnt.

Now to add my Gardener's Journal to my OPAM as a completed project for March...

Until next time.... happy stitching


  1. Your star rose is so pretty. Hope you are safe from the water.

  2. your GJ is beautiful...........lovely to have it finished........stay dry.........

  3. The Rose Star looks good.
    And all that work in your quilt.
    You will have to bring it next time for show and tell, I would love to see it.

  4. The quilt is so lovely! :)
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)


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