Saturday, 14 April 2012

Jelly roll race

Thank you to Kylie who introduced me to 1600 Jelly Roll Race quilt. I gave managed to complete two quilt tops during the past week.
The two quilts are now machine basted and ready for quilting. I was lucky to visit my friend who has a small quilting business and has a quilting machine.
She basted together my quilts.
I went to a great sale held at my local patchwork shop and bought the backing fabric for $4 a metre. Very lucky.

I am hoping to begin quilting one if the tops on Sunday, my girls are expecting a visitor tomorrow but who knows! They were meant to come today and didn't show!

I now have a task for Sunday.
Tonight I am going to be stitching my hexagons so i can join them tonight.

Until next time.... Happy stitching


  1. well done looks fantastic love the colours...

  2. You have been a busy girl.....
    Have fun quilting.


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