Friday, 11 May 2012

I am back....

The past 3 days have been exciting as aournd 25 of us were trained to become facilitators in rolling out First Steps in Mathematics to the schools in our diocese.

One gorgeous lady was selling tickets for a Mother's Day raffle for her school.  She is the principal of the school I was teaching at before I headed in to work at the Catholic Education Office.  The quilt was made by her in a gorgeous flannel.  I am going to hunt down the pattern as it is gorgeous, that is only if I don't win the raffle.  For 11 years I have been buying tickets in the raffle and have not been lucky enough to win, hope this is the year.

These pictures show parts of the quilt.  I love it... would keep me warm on a cold winter night.

Did the mad dash after work, well I finished a little earlier so I good complete the mad dash.

I ran over and gave Bridie her bag of clothes to take to her friends for the nights sleep over, she is back in the morning with her friend.

I came home got Candice and Talia, Candice got in the drivers seat (that is a win!).  She drove and we dropped Talia off at dancing then headed in to McDonald's to grab a coffee before we set off.

Candice then drove over to Parkes, NSW and out 10 kms to go to her friends and get ready for Lara's deb.  Then I drove home.  Was told I was late picking up Talia from dancing! I was only ten minutes but I suppose when it is dark it is late.

We then headed over to buy some fresh salmon and salad for tea, yummo.

So now tea is all done I am going to get my sewing out and attempt to complete some hexagon stitching, I know I was going to do my Down in the Garden block but there is always tomorrow.

Until next time....

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  1. You have had a hectic afternoon.
    Natalie's quilt is so pretty.
    I hope you win !!
    We didn't get to buy any tickets this year.
    Oh, well.
    Only one child tonight , it will be so quiet for you.


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