Monday, 7 May 2012

Little excited here!

Two celebrations happen in my house this week, Sunday is Mothers Day and tomorrow my eldest turns 17!

Candice stopped driving with 20 hours to go and is now madly trying to make up for lost time by driving again. She pointed out today that this is the second birthday for a long time I am not away for work. She has exams and is going out with her girlfriends for tea but that doesn't count! I still home.

Today my other two daughters came to my work and then walked downtown to a gorgeous shop called Painted Daisies. A beautiful lady left our office to take over the business. Well I got a phone call after the girls were there for ten minutes! They wanted to purchase goods to the value of 240.00. I promptly said no so they put some things away and came back with the total bring 139. Mow I am intrigued as to what they bought. Talia tells me Bridie picked and she just agreed or disagreed!

Anyway this time 17 years ago I was alone in the hospital waiting for an early start to prepare for my Caesar now that baby is nearly an adult. Mmmm where do the years go?

Lucky I have my quilts and hexagons to show for the passing time.


  1. They do grow up so very fast...Happy Birthda to your big baby...

  2. Tell Candice "Happy Birthday"


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