Sunday, 20 May 2012

Santa Sack Swap Partners announced

It has been a great weekend.

Saturday was spent watching Bridie train and play soccer.  Bridie was awarded coaches award for getting in and having a go.  She got to take home the trophy for the week.  So happy for her, but on the flip side me being the lucky mum got to take home all of the shirts to wash and then bring the oranges for next game. 

Today Bridie began her preparation for First Holy Communion. We attended Mass, after a sleep in, and then went to the class.  Afterwards we bought some yummy fresh roles from Banardi's IGA and came home where Bridie cooked lunch.  She is loving toasties... I am too.

This afternoon I received the much awaited email from Cheryll who is the host of the Santa Sack Swap.  She gave us the names of our partner for the swap.  I have Christine, her blog is HERE.  I have sent off an email and now wait for the reply from Christine.

I can't wait to hear from Christine.
  • Will I be making her a sack or a stocking?
  • What colours does she like?  dislike?
  • What type of Christmas does she like.. Traditional? Modern? Country?
I am not a person who has a great dislike for fabrics, colours or designs.  My Christmas theme is a mix of traditional, modern and country.  I hope I don't make it too hard for Christine.

Right now to sit and wait for the email.

First mailout is July 1st, doesn't leave me too long as I am going on holidays 21st June - 29th June.  So as soon as I hear I will be in to the sewing.

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Simone. It's nice to meet you! I've sent you an email so look out for it. I'm looking forward to our swap.


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