Saturday, 7 July 2012

Cold night last night and a day in Parkes NSW

I spent some time sewing my table topper last night mum loves it which is good as it is for her!

Mum spent time sewing, stuffing and decorating her golly.

Bridie was playing her new iPod.

Up nice and early bought some new coffee cups from Painted Daisies in Forbes. When I used to travel to Forbes for work I would often return home with a Painted Daisies coffee cup.

Travelled over to Parkes with Bridie and mum. Having morning tea at the Coffee Pot in Parkes.

Love the iPhone Blogger app but arranging pics is a challenge.

Bridie had scones and a milkshake.
Mum had a Wicked cinnamon toast topped with banana, stead berry, cream and maple syrup and a cup of coffee
I had a Chai Latte.


  1. Your mum and Bridie look very snug under their quilt!

  2. Hi Simone !
    I've stolen the internet from the boys.
    Is your Mother asleep under there ?
    I can't tell if she is sewing or asleep !!
    Very yummy things you had today.


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