Monday, 2 July 2012

Parcel sent and one received

My first Santa sack swap parcel has been sent off. Yay!!!!
Hope it arrives to Christine safely.

Was excited to be home when the delivery came this morning. A yellow envelope passed over my doorway.

My ten year old was so excited. She kept saying mum you can't be opening the parcel you are not allowed. But I did, I was greeted with three parcels.

One had a message on so I opened it.
With shouts of joy to find my Santa Sack.

I so love it thank you so much for this gorgeous sack. I have filled it up with parcels. Take a look inside.


  1. WooHoo.. isn't it gorgeous. Now be gOOd.. and don't squeeze (too much anyways) until December.
    So happy that you are playing along with us! :)

  2. Wow, that's gorgeous, much thought has gone into the makings for that. It will look so cute with the parcels inside it, now just to wait... how.. many... months...?!lol

  3. Glad you like your sack Simone. I enjoyed making it for you. Now for the fun of filling it up!


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