Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Early Start

This morning I was woken by Bridie as she had stomach pains. An incident occurred at school the day before And my thought was she was worried about it.
Anyway I had arranged with Therese from work tower up at 630 to go walking so I got up and drive to her house. We walked down to the lake, up to the primary school, through the park past the sewing shop and them home again. We walked briskly for near 40 minutes.
I am need of good walking shoes so when I head to Dubbo next Thursday I am going to buy some!

My day at work was great as we were all on deck.

Tonight I managed to sew some hexagons together and added a stitchery block to them as well.

I still have many more to sew. This weekend I am going to make some small gifts for the two mew babies in the office. These will arrive in November.


  1. Great job walking all that way.
    Keep up the good work Simone....
    Oh, and keep adding those hexies and they will soon be all gone .

  2. Pretty hexagon flowers Simone. Hope Bridie is okay.


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