Saturday, 4 August 2012

New colour New Project

Today I headed in to my hair dresser and was shown a new range of colours they have. Bridie was with me so she chose a red and the brown base colour. I love the new look.

I have always been in awe with the journal covers that Peg from Happy in Quilting makes. She kindly forwarded instructions to me a while ago. I was keen to have a go. I bought a notebook and located some fabric I had laying around. I love hexagons so I made a flower to go on the cover.
Last might I carefully followed Peg's instructions and made a journal cover. I am half way around the binding and will sit down later to stitch it down. I am thinking I need to make more of these. Thanks Peg for your assistance.


  1. What a great colour for you hair...lots of light and movement. I have been a lucky recipient of one of Pegs journals and yours looks just as clever :)

  2. Love the new hair colour Simone, it looks great, nice highlights.....and well done,I am glad my instructions worked...the journal looks fantastic.....they are addictive....

  3. Love your hair my is the same,and Peg is so gorgeous,and your book cover looks fantastic.xx

  4. I'm jealous ...... there is nothing like having your hair played with at the hair dresser!!
    You will have to bring lots of show and tell.

  5. WooHoo..looks fantastic! Your hair I!
    But the cover looks great too... :)


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