Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One down

Two more sleeps left until i head back to Balranald to spend the night with my gorgeous friend Ange. Saturday is a planned 12 hour sew-a-thon.

Sewing projects nearly all packed . Show and tell items packed.
Girls all packed too.

So looking forward to the weekend away but am not looking forward to returning home non Sunday, house inspection booked for Monday morning.

Mmm yard won't be mowed. It will be a late night when we return. But not going to worry about that until Sunday.

I have one doily stitching complete and am ready to begin number two.

All that is left for my trip is to pack my bags and the car.


Two sleeps


  1. have a great time Simone.xx

  2. Oh how lucky are you! 12 hours...not sure I could handle that. I know exactly what you mean about house inspections, good luck with that. Enjoy your weekend.


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