Saturday, 18 August 2012

Too cold

I am sitting at the park waiting for my daughter to begin soccer. It is just too cold to get out now. Bridie is meant to be training but this is not happening today.
I am sitting in the car stitching some hexagons together. Later on I head to Nellies to join their sewing class for today.


  1. Ha Ha love that pic! I stitch in my car too, all those little stolen minutes add up... I think maybe we drive the same car.

  2. I remember all those cold soccer days....stay warm....

  3. Ha! Been there done that! Crochet, stitching, Hexies, lots of things you can do in the car. Today though I braved the cold and wind to cheer my daughters team to a grand final victory :)

  4. Isn't that what watching kids sport is about.....????

  5. Aaaarrggghh - at least you get to sit in the car! At Netball I freeze my backside off every Saturday, but not anymore as the season has finished...until twilight starts. Then there's swimming, gymnastics and kids really do owe me, lol.


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