Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fantastic day

Today has been an awesome day. It was my birthday and my kids ended up being at home.
No presents were exchanged today as they had already given me some before as they were meant to be at their fathers house. Talia made a breakfast tray and Bridie found some poems and printed them off.

Bridie made me jam on toast and a coffee for breakfast.
Bridie and I were taken to the dish out at Parkes for lunch. My team leader and her daughter took us which was lovely. We attempted to take a picture of us trying to hold up the dish. While we were there the dish moved three times!

Talia made me pancakes and made letters from them to write me a message.

I received lots of emails, texts and Facebook messages which was lively. Now I am sitting down enjoying a yummy Earl Grey tea catching up on missed shows. Might even get some sewing out to do.


  1. happy birthday Simone sounds like the perfect day.xx

  2. Happy birthday Simone. Looks like the girls spoilt you. Hope you managed to get some stitching in! Talia's pancakes look yummy!

  3. I won't sing to you again , but I'm glad you had a great day......

  4. Happy Birthday Simone. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

  5. Hi Simone I hope you had a great birthday, sounds like the girls showered you with lots of love & attention. Great that you got so many good wishes! x

  6. Oh, sorry I missed your birthday - soubds like you had a fantastic day.


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