Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fathers Day

Woohoo happy dads day. Dad keeps on saying I could have had a heart attack when Bridie talked to me. You should have told me. Hehe it was a great surprise!

Today we went to the shops and Bridie bought a spongbob cover for her iPod. It is so cute.
Talia bought some new clothes.
I bought groceries and coffee!

Thinking I might add to the blog the count of hexagons completed just to keep you up to date! I put together some more while at mums and also worked on one more group of four. Not sure how many I want to make for my quilt so will just keep sewing.

Flowers = 51
Blocks of four = 17


  1. You didn't freeze your fingers and toes off the last 2 mornings in Canberra ??
    Love spongebob.....
    Your hexie quilt will fit your bed soon.


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