Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wild and wooly

Wow the wind is incredible. In the upside I got my sheets dry by morning tea. It was great drying weather.

Today the gorgeous and talented Christine M parcel was delivered to the door.

I was so excited as the parcel was quite full.

Bridie and I opened it to see a lot of xmas presents. Christine made the most of her parcel and included lots if pressies. As quick ad the parcel was opened the pressies were out and put in the Santa sack. My sack is filling up. Hope Christine's sack will be this full.
I have q Been a little preoccupied with meetings so Christine's parcel will be in the post by the end of the week.

Played with my hexagons again. Sewed another set of two together and then placed it with the first set and put them together. Not that I would see them together but have a look.


  1. That wind was incredible - you won't believe it but we lost one of our main double doors at school yesterday, it just blew right out of its jam. We were so lucky that there were no kids there, it would have killed them for sure. Found out today that it can't be fixed and we need a whole new door so it will remain boarded up for a little while longer.
    You hexies are looking amazing and I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. I think the wind is everywhere !!
    Still windy here too.
    Hexie's are looking great.....

  3. Simone you are making fab progress with the hexies, you are hooked! They are so very pretty, well done. Do you want to hang my washing too?!


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