Friday, 26 October 2012

Alphabet Swap Sender

Today I got home to see a parcel on the table in the entrance.

Bridie had told me about the parcel and thought it was from Christine! Mmm who was it from????

It was from Cheryll. Yes our one an only Swap Mama sent me a parcel.

I was blown away. Look at the labelled doilies wrapping the gifts.
Bridie (miss 10) Was amazed that i knew what was in the parcels. Certainly not like my Santa Sack Swap, which is also hosted by Cheryll.

Bridie told me that Cheryll must be a famous sewer I totally agree her gifts were amazing

Cheryll, thank you so much for putting this swap together and for choosing me to send your parcel to me. Another successful swap. I am loving these swaps after a rough start with my first swap (last year) I am hooked!

Now to see who receives the other parcels.


  1. wow Simone you got a lovely lot of goodies there from our swap muma,Chez is a beautiful sewer,Bridie was right.xx

  2. Simone.....fantastic have been very spoilt by Chez...

  3. Lots of lovely goodies there for you Simone. Enjoy being spoilt by Chez.

  4. Lot's of lovely goodies......
    lucky girl.

  5. Fabulous swap pressies there Simone, and the wrapping was ingenius. Smart and talented Swap Mummy (lol)

  6. I'm just so happy that you liked my "items". It was FUN to play wasn't it! :


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