Sunday, 14 October 2012

Family day

Bridie and I spent the morning working in a small garden.
There is a tree stump surrounded by rocks in our front yard.  It was full of weeds. A few weeks ago we poisoned the week and Saturday morning we pulled the weeds out, added potting mix and threw down some flower seeds.

We used up all of the seeds we had bought and then went off to buy some more.  I don't know what varieties were bough but I am sure Bridie will be taking lots of pictures if they grow! 

We bought a watering can for Bridie so she could water the area.

We also laid some weed mat over some unsightly areas.  The pavers had been removed by the previous people and lots of weed were growing. My contract for work has been extended a further two years so we want to fix up the yard to ensure the landlord will keep us on. 

In the afternoon I headed to sewing class. It is not a 'class' but an afternoon where two or three of us gather to sew together.  It has taken me 18 months to find a group so I go as often as I can.

I spent the after tracing in preparation for some Christmas presents and a table topper. Both of these patterns are from Hatched and Patched. 


  1. congratulations on having your contract extended, that is very good news indeed.

  2. I love growing things from seeds, have fun watching them grow.

  3. It is so much more fun not quite knowing what they will be until they grow and hopefully flower. Of course not here, cos it would most likely be just be more icky weeds! They get everywhere! Sounds like a lovely way to spend a day.

  4. The garden looks great and I can't wait to see the flowers when they grow.
    Another 2 years ??
    Sounds like you have settled in well and like the area.....
    I'm glad you have found a group too.


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