Thursday, 25 October 2012

Parcel in the post

Mmmmm wonder who is going to get my parcel?????

Hope it arrives in the not so distant future.

I am also expecting a parcel. The others part of my iPad charger. Oops. Was left in the wall at the motel they are posting it to me.


  1. Oooppss.. it was good of them to mail it to you! :)

  2. That was an oops!!!!
    I once left clothes in the cupboard at a motel.....they sent them to me too.

  3. i wonder where it is going Simone,how exciting wondering which one is going to turn up where,lol.xx

  4. Everyone is waiting with bated breath (I really must look up what that means, lol). I guess it is just more parcels coming to your house if you go and leave things behind. Not as fun as swap pressies though :)


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