Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sewing Saturday

Only one more class at the shop for the year. Shellene is heading Overseas and won't return until the end of January.

Today the shop had 50% off. All I can say is I am so happy the tax man arrived.
Will post some pics tomorrow.

Today at class I made another one of Red Brollys mug bags. It is so sad to read on her blog about people printing and selling her free pattern. How low can some people get.

Anyway. All I have to do on the bag is get some ribbon for the tie then it is all done. Mum has her eye on it but we will see.


  1. Cute mug bag Simone. I hope you were a good girl and controlled yourself with that 50% off sale! I read Bronwyn's post too. Some people are just amazing with what they do. To even think of selling her free pattern is just incredible.

  2. Was Mr Tax Man generous!!!!....the mug bag is lovely Simone...

  3. Great sale!!
    Are you ever home??
    At least you can get some stitching done while you are away working.
    The mug bag would be a good christmas pressie for your mum....
    Say Hi next time you talk to her!!


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