Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Final parcel posted

Yesterday I sent off my final SANTA SACK SWAP parcel. It is making its way to Christine's.

I hope that she is not disappointed with my choice of presents. I sure lives putting my packages together.

Can't wait for Christine to post pics of her opened parcels because I forgot to.

Thanks Cheryll for being the best swap mama.


  1. how exciting Simone ,not long to go now.xx

  2. I bit it is filled with wonderful goodies...

  3. I'm sure I will love them all! Don't worry, I'll take photos. I haven't had a chance to step into my sewing room yet to wrap up all your goodies. It's very hectic here at the moment. Thursday's looking good for wrapping though!

  4. I'm sure they will be perfect! OoooH I think I hear Santa delivering them... :)

  5. Oh fabulous! I think we all have those little doubts as soon as the parcel slides into the Post Box :)


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