Saturday, 3 November 2012

Friday Night With Friends

Well I joined up with Cheryll and many others last night for a sewing session.

I started off early sourcing my fabric and my pattern. I was interrupted by a work colleague who knew I was home with no kids and invited me for tea. So I headed out had yummy Thai and a few glasses of wine.

Well when I got home it was quite late and I wanted to be part if the night so I thought of doing something small. I had bought some cute Babushka Xmas decorations (did you know that the baby doll is a symbol of baby Jesus. As each doll is a layer to reach Him! I didn't know this until I attended a meeting on Wednesday!)

Now I had seen on Pinterest a clever lady using an orphan doll and creating a pincushion. I found the pattern and realized she used a foam egg covered in fabric. Mmm at ten o'clock no shops open and no foam egg it was not looking good.

So I ended up making a circle out of fabric, gathered it together and then filling it with doll fill.

I pushed it in to the base of the doll and there it was a new pin cushion.

This was my FRIDAY NIGHT WITH FRIENDS creation. Very simple but due to the time I had it was all I could do.

Today I am going to make more as I sit and catch up with my taped shows.


  1. Hey Simone, Looks good to me. My tracing had disappeared so not much stitching at my place. Too tired to try and retrace at night.

  2. Lovely dinner out hard to pass least your efforts weren't' wasted.

  3. well done its so cute Simone.xx

  4. Very cute. Dinner out with friends is always nice. See you next time. Hugs.....

  5. I love it !!
    It's so cute.....

  6. I loved having your company on FnwF... thanks for coming! Great work too :)

  7. Oh I love your inventivenes, and your little dolls are so cute as pincushions! Btw I did not know that either :)


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