Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Night with Friends

I am looking forward to tonight.  Sew excited!

Tonight is the  'Friday Night with Friends.'
This evening is hosted by the gorgeous Cheryll.

It is not too late to join up so click HERE and head over to Cheryll's blog, Gone Stitchin' to join in.

I am going to work on a couple of presents, some shoe bags.  I bought these gorgeous fabrics yesterday from Nellie's Country Flair.

I went back to the Physiotherapist today and got a thumbs up, my pelvis is showing big improvement.  I also had a dose of acupuncture.  It didn't hurt when the needles went in it only hurt after Garry Phipps (Yes Nat Shaz's husband) removed them and wiped the spots over with an antiseptic wipe.

I also got some height put on my orthotics.  The ones I bought from Athletes Foot will be replaced with 'real' ones that will help me out.  At the moment the ones I have in will do!!!

Off to have an early tea and then stitch and stitch.  I know Saturday will not be a stitching day as from 1 pm the girls will be performing their dances.  They do two concerts so won't be home until late tomorrow night.  ahhhhhh

Hope you joined us tonight.

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  1. Hope you've had a lovely evening stitching, Simone. Good luck to the girls and their dancing tomorrow :)


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