Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Santa sack close up

I have been going through my Santa Sack again and again.  I am so grateful to have a new friendship with Christine and thankful for all the goodies she gave me.

Coffee cup and matching mug rug.

Coat hangers - these are too gorgeous to cover up with clothes.

Festive tea towels x 2

Christmas tree pillow - I remember seeing this on Christine's blog!

Christmas mini wall hanging - Anni Downs design - again I remember seeing this here

A gorgeous tin with some extra goodies inside.

Gail Pan wall hanging Christine blogged this here

A bag, which will hold a project, makeup - this will be used often.

Some gorgeous fabric - mmm what can I make with this???

Charm squares - Floral Collection Pastel
Christmas decoration

Some body wash and cream all in a gorgeous tin.

Journal covered by Christine.  Here it is on the blog, I will definitely be putting this in my handbag for meetings.

Sewing maching mat to match the thread catcher and cushion
A thread catcher and pin cushion.  Christine mentioned how lovely it sat near her machine however I am now convinced it will sit much nicer next to mine. 

A gorgeous felt brooch, this is mine and my three girls were also given a brooch each.  These were worn proudly on Christmas day.  Here are more of Christine's brooches.

This was found in the bag, scissors and a measuring tape.

Thank you so much Christine.
A huge thank you To Cheryll who partnered me up with Christine. Head over to the Santa Sack blog to see what other ladies swapped.  

 I will be back in 2013.  


  1. Glad you liked your presents Simone.

    1. I definitely liked your presents Christine.
      Thank you again.

  2. wow Simone,Christine spoilt you ,you have such gorgeous gifts there,this swap is so much fun.xx

  3. You did very very all your gifts...


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