Thursday, 17 January 2013

Home Sweat Home

It is sooo hot my house is like an oven.

Travelled in the heat and now my car has an image telling me there is a fault and I need to take it to a dealer.

I was also surprised to see a dead tree limb from the tree on the nature strip fallen in my letter box.

Bridie took the photo for me. I had a friend come and move it for me. He will be back to cut it up. Will ring the real estate to see about cutting it down.

I have set up the blow up bed in the lounge for Bridie and I. Talia wanted to stay in her sweat box room.

Who knows she might be back during the night.


  1. Glad you've arrived home safely. That's the problem when a house is locked up for a few days.

  2. Sorry to hear about your car and your letter box - lucky though you have a friend to help out. Hope you house cools down soon, oh and welcome home!

  3. its always good to be back home,hope your house cools down soon.xx

  4. Supposed to be another hot one today so try and stay cool. Glad it was only your letterbox with damage. Sharyn:)

  5. We have air con in the bedroom, fans ever where else so sleeping isn't a problem any more. Glad you got home safely. Hope your car will be alright after a check-up.


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