Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Shoes

I have flat feet and was in need of some slip on shoes that have support.

I went to The Athletes Foot and got some cute green slip ons. They were pricey but comfy.

Packing the car up tomorrow for our trip home on Thursday. Not looking forward to a hot house, no grass and a car to unpack.


  1. Simone it sounds like you've had a great time on your holiday... I know that feeling of reluctance to pack up and go home... drive safely x

  2. Oh I had hoped you had posted a picture - I wanted to see them. I have to go school shopping too - kids and me...my poor old feet won't know what's hit them after having been in thongs for so long.

  3. It's always sad when it comes time to head home after a lovely holiday. Have a safe trip back Simone.

  4. Drive safely. It's never FUN at the end of a holiday! Just remember the FUN you did had while un-packing! :)

  5. Have a safe trip home Simone. Sharyn:)


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