Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Talented family

My sister is the best cross stitcher around. She has made so many and has progressed from aida cloth to linen. This dolphin is one of hers. She finished it this week.

The other tapestry is sewn by my ten year old, Bridie.
She started this a while ago and had only stitched four rows.

Since clearing the loungeroom and finding it she has only a few spots to go.
Today while I was at work Bridie sewed the blue bits. She is starting new thread and threading a needle.

Me, I am working on my Girls Day Out block one.


  1. A very talented sister.......

  2. well done to your little Bridie she has done a wonderful job and your sister is very clever like you.xx

  3. Great to see creativity shared in the family!

  4. Your stitching is going to be gorgeous Bridie. The dolphin cross stitch is lovely. I haven't done any cross stitch since I got into patchwork!

  5. You're correct... TaLenT does run in the family! Well done to sis and DD ! :)

  6. I love that your whole family is into stitching, how fun! Your work is gorgeous!



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