Sunday, 6 January 2013

Thread catcher Pin Cushion

Today I made a thread catcher just like everyone on Stitch-a-Long. 

  I used mums Pfaff and was able to choose a fancy stitch for the edging.  I chose some star flowers. 

I love this project, quick and easy and I think I will have to make some more. 

My sister and my mum have been eyeing off my thread catcher/pin cushion that the Christine gave me.  

So I searched google and found this pattern.  This is Kailene's she loves dogs and is an avid cross stitcher so this will come in handy for her.  The catcher is huge! Lots of thread can be stored in there.  

Mum didn't want hers so big so I tried to make it a bit differently.
Mum's was made out the same fabric I cut out for my singlets.  She is happy with the end product.   

 These are my first attempts and hence the stitching is not the best!

Thank goodness for air conditioners, it has been 39degres here in Canberra.  I am feeling sorry for my family and friends who are in NSW experiencing high 40s.  So glad I am not teaching those swimming lessons, the water would be too hot.


  1. You have been busy....lovely projects and all so useful....

  2. An update to my machine is next on the budget list after seeing that star stitch. They all look good Simone. Sharyn:)

  3. Lovely projects Simone, I love the idea of using a decorative stitch, it looks great.

  4. You've done a lovely job on the thread catchers. I love that fancy stitch!

  5. Love your thread catchers. The fancy stitch is wonderful.

  6. What a clever thing you are! Great projects - thanks for sharing.

  7. Greath threadcatchers! It's amazing just how much thread you can accumulate :)

  8. great thread catcher........and I like the top stitches...


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