Saturday, 9 February 2013

Girls Day Out Progress

Tonight I stitched the final stitch on block one.

I am very happy with how the block looks.

I am not going to be adding borders until all the hand sewing is complete.
The buttons will sewed on after the quilting I am thinking.
What does everyone else think?

I am hoping to prepare blocks two and three in the morning.

I do have to take a school uniform to Carol, I have been hemming it for her kindergarten daughter.

Today Bridie and I headed to Parkes for some girl time. Talia stayed home, she should have come!
We had breakfast at Bellas Cafe and Restaurant it was very nice ( but still not quite on par with Spoons. Should go there in the near future for breakfast!)

Had some rain today but not a lot, need more so I don't have to water my lawn. Another hot one expected tomorrow so good time to sit inside, and catch up on recorded shows.


  1. I am not doing these pretty blocks but would also put on the buttons last if I were..
    It's lovely to have a day out...

  2. I agree with the buttons, the block looks great...

  3. The block looks great. Count me in for the Spoons breakfast for sure. Yummo!!

  4. The block looks lovely Simone. Having breakfast out, lucky you. Sharyn:)

  5. The block looks lovely Simone, such a lot of detail and work! Brekky out sounds great, such precious times to have with your daughter x


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