Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New fabric

Tuesday I took my True Friends Tote Bag to work.

One of my colleagues loved it and asked if i would make one for her friend.
This lady is struggling with ill health, she is at an emotional low.

Being the kind hearted lady I can be I emptied my bag and handed it over.

I said," Please give the bag to her if it will make her happy."
Well she would just accept my gift and rang around and asked some ladies at work for a price. She gave me some money for it, more than I ever expected. She wouldn't take no.

Now I didn't have the bag but I had some mone. So what option does a girl have other than head down to the local patchwork shop to purchase more fabric to make a new bag.

I love Riley Blakes sunshine range so I bought some and contrasting oranges along with some ric rac.

Now I am looking forward to the weekend and some time for prepping and sewing another bag.


  1. How kind of you Simone. It's nice to think something you have made is going to make someone else happy. Enjoy our new fabrics. Sharyn:)

  2. You are very kind hearted. I love the new fabric.

  3. That was so kind of you. Have fun with our new fabric xx

  4. What a wonderful thing to do Simone. Love your new fabrics. They should make a beautiful bag. Hugs.....

  5. Wow, such a compliment for you, and so good of you to hand it over. Those are gorgeous fabrics and trims.

  6. Well done Simone. That was such a lovely thing to do. Enjoy making yourself a new bag.

  7. Such a kind and unselfish person you are Simone! May you be blessed beyond measure for your kindness to another who needs cheering.

  8. You are such a good person......

  9. how kind of you........and a bonus in it........

  10. Oh my gosh Simone, I really do have a lump in my throat♥
    Yes you are a kind-hearted person, & now you can enjoy the gratitude shown to you. Enjoy sewing with the new fabrics x


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