Monday, 4 February 2013

Parcel in the post

Today Bridie rang me up with great excitement to tell me there was a parcel in the doorway and could she open it.

The definite answer was NO.

I was not in the door long when Bridie presented me with the parcel.
I read the sender and couldn't believe my surprise. It was Noela.  This is her blog, click HERE!
Noela has been a regular commenter on my blog and now I know why she has just recently popped up. She was my Initail Heart Secret swap partner!

Many thanks Noela for making me the gorgeous wall hanging, yummy chocolates, the red thread and the fat quarter of fabric. Now I have to make something very special with this fabric.

Thank you so much Cheryll for hosting this swap.

My parcel is in the post I hope that my recipient likes what I made just as much as I love what Noela made me.

This is what Noela sent me.

Sprinkle Love on your home and watch it bloom


  1. love what noela sent you Simone but i cant see the wall hanging properly,lol.xx

  2. Nice gifts Simone. I'm with Shez. What does the verse say? Sharyn

  3. Wow....oh have been spoilt....

  4. Glad you are happy. Hugs.....

  5. The hanging Noela has made you is gorgeous. A lovely parcel all together. Lucky you, Simone.


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