Sunday, 17 March 2013


I have joined many bloggers who have switched over to Bloglovin to read blogs.

You can follow me just go to my sidebar!!!!!

I have a number of blogs I regularly read and I always would click in my sidebar and open each one. ( I didn't use google reader and now google reader is disappearing from July 1st)

So after reading a few posts I decided to take the plunge and also join Bloglovin. Well it is the best way to read the blogs.
Becoming a member was easy using Facebook account or email. It copied all the blogs I already follow!

There is also an app for the iPhone so I added that too. It did not change anything on my blog which was my worry.
You should join too.

Go visit http//
For more information.  Or you can .Sign up here!!!!


  1. Why do they fix what isn't broken??? :(

  2. Thank you for the info. May need to go look at it.

  3. it great isnt it Simone.xx


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