Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fabulous weekend day two

Breakfast on the Murray river with Ange and Kylie.

Yummy : Pick Me Up Breaky Burger (egg, bacon, pesto sauce, jarls berg cheese, chutney)
The birdhouse is in the garden. Looks great!

Great start to the morning.

Quick trip to Aldi and then the drive to Nyah!

Surprise surprise Michelle (daisy hill quilts.
I came to see you before you head up north to Darwin. I had been teasing Michelle and saying I wouldn't see her she had no idea. Even with all my travel details. The look in her face was priceless!

Had a fantastic day sewing with the girls. Kylie, Ange, Nat, Di, Heather, Jeanette and Nat. I finished my blocks. I also got a stash of fabric and patterns that Michelle was giving away.

I am pleased I went to see Michelle and the girls.


  1. lovely happy post Simone,have fun.xx

  2. It was a very big surprise........!!!!!!!!
    And I loved it.


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