Monday, 22 April 2013

Colour Swap Parcel arrived

I have been away since Wednesday and I thought I had arranged someone to collect my mail. No this was not the case.

I came home to an over flowing mailbox.

There were bank letters, school letters, bills, a small parcel from an eBay purchase and also a parcel from HEATHER. I tried so hard to not open it until I had packed some things away but couldn't help myself. Well the wait was certainly worth it.

I was given some Iris fragrance soap. SOMETHING SMELLY

A block of Lindt chocolate. SOMETHING EDIBLE

Two hand towels. ( I do love the design and was so excited when this parcel was opened). SOMETHING FOR A ROOM

A sewing toe wallet, with needles, scissors, thread, pins - I just love the pouch and have already added it to my travelling bag.

Thank you Heather for all the fantastic gifts.
Thank you Cheryll for hosting. a great swap.

Now to send off my parcel.


  1. Lucky you! A parcel always makes your day doesn't it - and even better when it is a surprise!!

  2. wow such lovely gifts from Heather,this has been such a fun swap,enjoy my friend and well done Heather.xx

  3. Great gifts from Heather there Simone - a very welcome parcel among all the window-enveloped mail! x

  4. Heather has sent you some lovely gifts, Simone. Enjoy them!

  5. Lovely gifts Simone. Hugs.....

  6. Lovely gifts Simone. Sharyn :)


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