Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ready to start...

ANZAC Day. Today Australia remembers all of those men and woman who fought during all the wars for the freedom of our country. My father was a naval serviceman. He was In the Vietnam war. I am thankful he came home but know there were many in all the wars did not. Lest we forget.

This morning I spent time cleaning and throwing out stuff. The bin is full and I still have more to do. i. have a house inspection on Tuesday, I need to make sure everything is ready.

While I was away I am sure someone came into my yard as the yellow bin was out and there was something different about the back yard, there was too much light, also some of my things had been moved.
Anyway there are quite a lot of sticks laying around and I don't have time to pick them up!!!

I thought I would spend the afternoon sewing as a reward for my morning efforts.

So.. I have traced the design for May stitch-a-long. I am using a tea dyed fabric and then using some of my French General fabrics. I can't start sewing this as I need to buy some thread.

I am thinking of using a deep red.

What did you do this ANZAC day?


  1. That's a bit creepy! Hope nothing was taken Simone. I think your bag will be gorgeous in dark red!

  2. Love the fabric Simone. Sharyn :)

  3. Oh no I hate it when you have that feeling :( I am loving your choice of fabrics. Mine is stitched, just need to assemble :o) hugs

  4. Eeeewww that's a horrible thought - hope they don't come back! Good luck for the house inspection, they are the pits. Love the fabrics you have chosen.

  5. Strange!!!! what you are working on...

  6. Very weird !
    I love your fabric and can't wait to see it finished........

  7. Could it have been maintenance people sent by the owner? Our former landlord had someone cut the lawns once a month without telling us about it when we signed the lease, gave me a heart attack, this big hairy guy at my front door demanding to be let in around the back...
    right back to your project - wow, I love the look of the design, & I agree that a deep red will look great against the background fabric, but also with your FG fabrics... YUM!!


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