Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Latest blogger update.

I am very happy with the blogger update on the iPhone. I can now put pictures in where I want them to go which was not the case before. 

I had to leave the photo to the end. 

Now I can add the picture to where it is relevant. 


Last block to go. 
Text all stitched. Lots more to do. 

Dentist visit yesterday resulted in clean sets if teeth, two fillings (for one filling that had fallen out and ine cracked tooth) and in booking the appointment for Nivember i have the reward of two sets if braces, one for Talia and one for Bridie. 
Bridie will get her expander removed and have the braces put on all on November 2nd. 

I have a great orthodontist who assures me out of pocket expenses won't be too much. We will see, last set of braces cost me $6000+. 


  1. lovely stitching Simone,ouch with the dentist bill.xx

  2. Another lovely stitchery started. The dentist is not my favourite place to go. Hugs.....

  3. Stitching looks good Simone. Wow theses braces are going to keep you working for a while. Sharyn:)

  4. Another stitchery??
    I will just say I'm very grateful my children have straight teeth.....OMG! you will have to work until your old and grey.
    Did blogger automatically update the app ? because mine still puts the photo's at the end of the posts.

  5. Your stitching looks lovely Simone. Dentist bills. Eek! We are fortunate, touch wood, that the boys don't need braces.


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