Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sigh of relief...

Because the pain in my hand is no longer there. 

The past three weeks I have had a burning sensation in my left hand from my wrist to my little finger. 

Initially, I thought it was the oven cleaner I used as I didn't use a glove when I cleaned it. When the pain remained I was concerned it might be something more serious,  like carpel tunnel. 

Yesterday, I went to the doctors who ruled out carpel tunnel as well as MS and told me to come back if it was worse and I might have to undergo nerve testing. 

Today I visited the physio to check up on progress regarding my lower back.
My lower back appears fine but my shoulders, neck and collar bone area was extremely tight. 

I was put on this heavy massager which vibrated through my whole body. 

Afterwards I was very hot! Apparently my back was quite red too, which apparently is good!

During my talk with Sharon, the physio, i mentioned my hand and she said hang on. 

She did a few things to my back and made be hold behind my neck, she stretched my back and I heard a very loud pop!  
My back felt great and the pain in my hand was barely there. 
I was so relieved. While I was having acupuncture I was still amazed as to the relief I felt in my hand. 

It is not my sewing hand it is my hand that holds everything and I was rather concerned that I may have to stop sewing. ( I should give it a rest so I can work on my assignment). 

All is good and I just have a very dull ache in my hand, a very sore back which still feels very hot!  

I am one very happy lady. 


  1. So pleased for you Simone that the pain has gone - sewing probably isn't helping your upper back area either but it sounds as if your physio is on top of it. I suffer from upper back pain and I empathise with you. Hope it all turns for the better for you.

  2. glad it has all ended well ,boy it sounds like you have a few problems there with your back,take care Simone.xx

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  4. That's great news Simone... if having a dull ache is good..lol... but better than the alternative.
    Take care! :)

  5. Oh you must be so relieved, there are so many possibilities to scare yourself with! At least it is good weather for your body to be a bit more hot :)

  6. Sounds like you had lots of treatment so glad you are feeling better after it. Hugs.....

  7. Thank goodness for physio, acupuncture and massage Simone. Keep well. Sharyn:)

  8. you need a holiday...poor thing hope it all settles soon!


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