Sunday, 26 May 2013

Two finishes, third nearly done

After adding a magnet inside my bag. 

I made a Lanyon for my keys with the other half of the magnet. When I use this bag I just have to put my keys on the Lanyon and attach to magnet. 

This is what you can do with chenille strips and wash away. 

The beginning of a scarf. In the underside is purple chenille with pink on top. 
Just have to wash it in warm water to dissolve and the wash it in the washing machine, place in dryer and then it will turn out like this ....

This one was made earlier by one of the participants. 

More posts during the week.  


  1. Love the scarf - I do a lot of washaway scarves using yarns, fleece, braids etc - I will have to have a go at using fabrics!! well done!

  2. You are on a roll.....I like the look of the scarf...

  3. Great scarf and the bag is looking awesome!


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