Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bridies special early birthday celebration

This week there has been four birthday celebrations in Bridies  class. 

Today was Bridies turn to take in a cake to share with the class, even though she is 11 on Saturday. 

The local Bakehouse made this fantastic cake. It was a marble cake, chocolate and vanilla. The kids all loved the cake which made Bridie feel special. 

After lunch Bridies school was treated to a surprise concert by the gorgeous Celia Pavey. The catholic education office was also invited to attend this special event. 

It was magical, Celia is even better singing in real life. Amazing. 

After The concert each class was able to have a picture with Celia. Bridie positioned herself well. Getting close enough to put a hand on Celias shoulder. 

It made cropping kids out of the picture easier!

Tonight I have been working on more appliqué. 

Tomorrow night Bridie Is having a friend sleep over so it will be McDonalds
For tea. 

Saturday is the big birthday. 
We are heading over to Parkes on Saturday to go to Pizza Hut for Lunch. Bridies choice. Looking forward to this yummy lunch. 


  1. happy birthday Bridie,love that cake and how special to have you pic taken with Celia,have a wonderful weekend.xx

  2. Happy birthday Bridie. Looks like your celebrations have got off to a flying start! Enjoy your day tomorrow! xx

  3. What a lovely memory for DD having the cake and Cecelia there to celebrate. Say HaPPy BirTHDaY from me too. :)


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