Thursday, 6 June 2013

Christmas in July

Today my friend Kylie messaged me on Facebook telling me about Quilt Fabric Delights Christmas in July 2013. 

It only took me ten minutes and I was convinced I needed to join. I need more patterns for Christmas. 

This weekend is the long weekend. My plan is to work on the dark cloud that is hanging right over my head!  The essay. Needs to be competed this weekend it is due Monday/Tuesday. So much for sewing more blocks for my flannel quilt this weekend. Grr. 

Might slip over to Grenfell to the Henry Lawson festival on Sunday. A Friend is displaying her quilts. A couple of years ago I showed some of mine. 

Anyway best get moving so I can start working on the assignment. 

I guess I am thankful I am not in the classroom and in the middle of writing reports. Which used to be a June long weekend task. 

Good luck to all my work colleagues who are writing reports 


  1. good luck Simone.xx

  2. Oh I can soooo relate Simone...hope you get your assignment I'm not teaching, I'm loving my 'me' time! Hope you get some for you this weekend too!
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)


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