Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday Fun

I mowed my lawns today. Gee they look much better. Each time I went to mow it rained. So all mowed ready for the next down pour. 

This afternoon I headed to the shop for an afternoon of sewing. 

I ironed on the cut out pieces from yesterday. 

I did some quilting. 

My pin cushion and a wall hanging. 

Tonight, after a great deal if frustration I am sewing down the binding in my wall hanging. 

Talia is the only one home tonight. Bridie is with her father. Candice will meet up with them after work. 

Great night to cuddle up under a quilt with a warm cup of coffee. Might go put the kettle on. 


  1. You achieved quite a bit yesterday Simone. The lawn always looks great when first mowed.

  2. You can come do my lawns next if you like Simone!! I find bindings are either a 'breeze' or 'frustrating'!

  3. Lawns outside... stitching inside... when two worlds live in harmony! :)

  4. Loving the colours in these projects. Sounds like a great day :)

  5. Looks like you have been busy love your projects


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