Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wet day and kangaroo.

Well yesterday soccer was played in Parkes. 

Bridie and I headed to the shops to stock up on school socks and a school jumper before getting Claudia ( Bridies great friend). 

At Parkes we stopped off to see Lisa and her new baby Dashiel. Lisa's mum is Shaz, I work with her she is so funny!

Soccer had to be played on the field furthest from the car park.  It was sprinkling rain so on went the Balranald Netball jacket and I was right. 

Bridies team were short one player but did an excellent job keeping the team down to 4-0. 

Just after half time a kangaroo visited the ground. It hopped over to the under 8s game where it nearly got stuck in the goal net. It was being surrounded by older kids so it was getting distressed. It eventually hopped away. 

Rain continued to well into the early morning. I think we got about 60 mm of rain which is great. 

Sunday..... Day to make a huge effort with my essay. I don't want next weekend, long weekend, spent working on it. 


  1. The rain has been so good...I miss those those days of sitting on the sideline at a good game of soccer,,

  2. We had heaps of rain here too, thankfully not a school day - absolutely detest wet weather days at school...


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