Friday, 16 August 2013


I know I am meant to be studying but I can't miss This

I am at lectures all day. Starting at 9 and finishing about 6. I am not going to be able to do any more study. 

So I  am going to treat myself to a night  of sewing. I need to finish my bag for the stitch a long       

 So that is what I plan to do. 
Sign up are at Wendy's
What I don't like about blogger is I can't create a link. 

Will I see you there. 


  1. After all that study, you need some relaxation time Simone. See you tonight!

  2. I'll be there too. SO~ has blogger changed the "link" feature? or is it just today you couldn't link up? Have a good day studying (if that's possible)... lol :)

  3. Have a great night sewing and relaxing Simon e! I do links by clicking on the 'link' word at the top of the page I write the posts on - if that is any help!

  4. Sounds like FNSI is just what you need Simone!
    As for the links issue - there is a button at the top of the page when you are writing your post; when you click it, a pop-up box should appear enabling you to paste the address for a link.
    I will email you a link that might help. What a pest!!

  5. See you tonight Simone. hugs.....

  6. put the kettle on and make me a cup of tea as we stitch together, I'll bring the timtams.


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